Items Accepted for Recycling:

recycle audio equipment Audio Equipment (No wooden speakers) recycle servers Servers
recycle copper wire Cables/Wire recycle speakers Speakers
recycle cd dvd CDs DVDs (remove paper cases) recycle stereos Stereo Equipment (no wooden speakers)
recycle cellphones Cell Phones recycle telephones Telephones
recycle circuitboards Circuit Boards recycle toner Toner Cartridges (no leaking)
recycle desktop computers Desktop Computers recycle toys Toys
recycle disk drives Disk Drives recycle UPS battery backup system UPS Battery Backup Systems
recycle laptops Laptop Computers recycle VCRs VCRs
recycle cd drives CD/DVD Drives recycle video cameras Video Cameras
recycle dvd players DVD Players recycle mice Mice
recycle cd dvd players CD/DVD Players recycle video game consoles Video Game Consoles
recyclen metal Ferrous Non-ferrous Metals recycle wireless devices Wireless Devices
recycle floppy disks Floppy Disk recycle xray film X-Ray Film
recycle ink cartridges Ink Cartridges (not leaking) recycle crt monitors CRT Monitors ($7 Recycling Fee)
recycle keyboards Keyboards recycle fax copy machines printers Printers/Fax/Copy Machines
recycle lcds LCD Monitors recycle tvs TVs ($20 fee up to 30" and $30 over 30" Screens)
recycle litho film Litho Film recycle flourescent bulbs Flourescent Bulbs ($0.12/ft no tape)
recycle network equipment Networking Equipment recycle air conditioners Air Conditioners
recycle network equipment Network Switches recycle dehumidifiers Dehumidifiers
recycle cardboard Paper/Cardboard recycle water coolers Water Coolers
recycle power supplies Power Supplies recycle freezers Freezers
recycle power supplies no cord Power Supplies-No Cord recycle microwaves Microwaves (please remove food waste)
recycle ram RAM recycle refridgerators Refrigerators (please remove food waste)
recycle batteries Rechargeable Batteries recycle cable_and satellite boxes Satellite/Cable/WebTV Boxes
recycle ics integrated circuits Ics (Integrated Circuits)    

Items NOT Accepted for Recycling (though we can refer to other recyclers)

Mercury Containing Items (Thermostats, level switches, etc.)
Ballasts with PCB's
Food Waste
Toxic Waste